The concept of StoryTiles is to make art on a tile. You can decorate your wall with StoryTiles by using the hanging system on the back of the tiles. Without use of the hanging system you can put your StoryTile anywhere nice like above the fireplace or on a little shelve. Every StoryTile is unique because they are each prepared separately. They can even be used outside. The included hanging system is not sun-, water- and heatresistant though. StoryTiles are realmade walltiles and are absolutely suitable for a variety of uses in walls. You can integrate them in walls in your hallway, kitchen and bathroom, in a fireplace or on the kitchen counter or put them as decoration in a closet or table. Curious about all the possibilities? Have a look at our collection of plain tiles as well. The colours within this collection connect perfectly with StoryTiles!

Discover the possibilities of plain tiles.